This is my wasteland.

Just a venezuelan girl who love laugh and make other people laugh. I reeeeally love bands. MEOWWW. Pierce The Veil. Sleeping with Sirens. Bring Me The Horizon. Of Mice & Men. Fuck your faith, no ones gonna save you. I love my teddy bear, i don't really know haha. Fuck you, i love my bf Andy(?)


clint barton shows up to shield 15 minutes late with a starbucks

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Joyce Manor - Rough Trade NYC 7/22/14

Always love seeing these guys, they never fail to disappoint. Highly suggest picking up their new album Never Hungover Again!

Had a cool time hanging out with you and Kurt and Chase

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Plot Twist:Of Mice and Women
Plot Twist:Awake With Sirens
Plot Twist:Answering Alexandria
Plot Twist:Bring You The Horizon
Plot Twist:Falling In Reverse> Falling Normally
Plot Twist:White Veil Brides
Plot Twist:All Time High
Plot Twist:The Devil Wears Juicy Couture
Plot Twist:Deal With The Fate
Plot Twist:I See Moons
Plot Twist:Always Quiet Always
Plot Twist:The Veil Is Pierced
Plot Twist:Hey Friday
Plot Twist:We Came As Catholics
Plot Twist:Quarterback


when joonmyun’s hair falls over his eyes + hairflip ;v;

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